Donald Trump John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This week, it was revealed that former United States President Donald Trump saw absolutely soaring revenue from his golf courses, raking in about twice as much money this past year as he did in previous years. But the massive golf income has naturally led to some questions.

As Sports Business reporter Eben Novy-Williams points out, Donald Trump achieved these soaring profits even though his courses have been part of lawsuits and federal investigations and they lost consideration for PGA events. But one big thing remains – his relationship with LIV Golf and the Saudis.

“As Trump’s golf revenue soared:

– His courses lost PGA events and British Open consideration
– LIV/Saudis hosted a number of events there
– The courses became part of lawsuits/investigations
– Golf participation nationwide increased
– Saudis broke ground on Trump course in Oman,” Novy-Williams said in a tweet.

And Novy-Williams was certainly not the only one to realize this connection as plenty of people took to social media to blast the former president for his relationship with LIV Golf and the Saudi government by extension.

Trump has not been very open or transparent about just how extensive his relationship was with LIV Golf or the Saudi Arabian government, but these soaring profits seem to indicate that the relationship is quite profitable for the former president.

[Eben Novy-Williams]