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The sports world has been talking about Baby Gronk but perhaps more people will be talking about his dad now that golf influencer Paige Spiranac and ESPN’s Ashley Brewer are calling him out for “sliding into their DMs” on social media.

Madden San Miguel, known as ‘Baby Gronk,’ has gone viral as a 10-year-old football sensation who has been hyped up via social media in recent weeks. 

It probably shouldn’t surprise too many people that his father, Jake San Miguel, is looking to cash in on his son’s hype.

He’s been pretty critical of those who have called out his monetization tactics but now he’s on the other end of that as various sports media people are shedding light on his reach-out tactics in an attempt to promote his son and perhaps do a little something for himself.

Retired NFL offensive tackle Taylor Lewan tweeted a screenshot of Baby Gronk’s father sending him DMs on Instagram, which included an attempt to get his son on the ‘Bussin’ With the Boys’ podcast.

‘Baby Gronks dad… woof,’ Lewan tweeted along with screenshots of various DMs from him.

ESPN anchor Ashley Brewer then replied with a screenshot of her own, showing Baby Gronk’s Instagram account messaging her and asking her to do a story on him. She captioned it, “double woof.”

Spiranac added a screenshot of her own, which showed the Baby Gronk account reaching out to ask if she is ever in Dallas and if she wanted to “collab.”

Baby Gronk may indeed have a future in the world of football but his dad probably needs to chill out if he wants to remain in the good graces of people in the sports community.

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