Joe Biden, Patrick Mahomes

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs got to celebrate their Super Bowl championship in an important way, visiting United States President Joe Biden at the White House. And during the visit, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got to enjoy quite a special moment with the president.

During a speech on Monday, Joe Biden praised Mahomes for his performance in the Super Bowl despite a high ankle sprain and suggested that he will ultimately go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

“With 200 million people watching — yet another thrilling game — you beat the [Philadelphia] Eagles, becoming Super Bowl champs again. It’s no surprise, you’ve got a young quarterback named Patrick. The boy can play, man,” Biden said.

“We saw him play with that high ankle sprain, another legendary story of one of the greatest quarterbacks of his generation — and, I predict, of any generation,” Biden added.

Biden’s praise for Mahomes was not the only connection the two had on Monday. Following Biden’s speech, Mahomes and teammate Travis Kelce awarded Biden with a special No. 46 Chiefs jersey.

It was certainly a special moment between Biden and Mahomes, and the NFL world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

Mahomes and the Chiefs will now set their sights on returning to the White House as Super Bowl champions again next season.

[Jared Koller]