Betting on sports can be an incredibly fun activity. It’s always good to be able to engage more with your competitive side and you can do this by placing these bets due to the fact you will find yourself becoming a lot more vested in the outcome. Not only that but you will find that when you bet on sports, you will become a lot more engaged with what is happening, this means if you support a team, you can feel a lot more connected to what is happening as opposed to just being a spectator. With the above in mind, not all of the sports that you are able to bet on are your conventional sports, some are extremely unusual. If you are interested in what these are then look no further as below we will discuss in more detail some of the strangest sports out there that you can actually place bets on. 

Betting Advice 

There are a number of pieces of advice that come with betting, but they are even more important when you are placing bets on more unusual sports. They include: 

  • Be sure to study the odds: there are a number of websites out there where you can get sports betting picks and these are good to refer to for placing bets. 
  • Make a budget: be sure you are only spending what you can afford to spend. 
  • When the fun stops, stop. 

The Sports

So, what are some of the sports that you didn’t know you could place bets on? They include but are not limited to: 

  • Harness Racing 

It is very similar to horse racing, which is a very popular sport that people place bets on; however, unlike horse racing, this sport also involves a two wheeled wagon. The jockey will ride in the back of the wagon, rather than riding on the horses back. There is serious betting involved in this sport, despite the fact it is reasonably outdated. As such, there are still plenty of bets that get placed on it regularly. 

  • Curling 

Curling seems to have been getting more and more popular as an Olympic sport in the past few years and as such, you tend to find that there are a lot of people out there who now choose to place bets on it. It is a bit similar to bowls except it’s played on ice and the players have a bit more control of the puck even after they’ve throw it. 

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Yes, you read that right, the game you will usually play to decide whose turn it is to do the washing up is also a sport that you can place real life bets on. Fans of this game are very much committed to the idea that it’s a sport and there is even a worldwide association who will run major tournaments for the game, meaning there is a lot that you can place bets on as well.