Everybody knows that casino games are chance-based games and there aren’t many ways to control a game unless you are a master who’s very familiar with สมัครสล็อตออนไลน์ games. This leaves it down to the croupiers and the RNGs, and it does sometimes leave you asking ‘are online casino game rigged?’ It’s a good question – we’re glad you asked! We’re going to be discussing exactly that, so read on to find out more!

So, are they rigged?

In depends what you mean by rigged, but we are going to go ahead and say no. ‘Rigged’ suggests that the player is conned or deceived into thinking that there is a high chance of winning an online casino game , but this is simply not the case. People will have the following misconceptions about casino games:

          That casino games have lower odds of winning than are advertised

          That some casino bets are impossible to win

          That the RNG is not as legitimate as land-based casino dealers and croupiers

On every online casino site, you will find terms and conditions that clearly state the odds of winning a game and the RNG parameters, so there is nothing that is being hidden. However, many people unfortunately do not bother reading the small print and this can result in the illusion that one is playing a rigged game. So, for this reason it’s very important to consider that although casino games are not rigged, the small print could provide important information that may change your mind on whether you play the game.

What to watch out for

Although legitimate online casino games are not rigged, it’s important to realize that this doesn’t stop illegal online casino games from trying to scam you. Although it’s very unlikely that you will come across such a thing, they do exist – the internet really can be a wild place! However, as long as you don’t click any dodgy links, you shouldn’t come across any. However just to be safe, always keep an eye out for the following things:

          Always check the website address is correct – sometimes scam websites will use the address of a legitimate site with a small spelling change

          If you see a green padlock next to the web address in your browser, then this website is approved as a secure.

          If you’re ever in doubt, ask a friend what they think – just don’t send it to them and spread a virus or something!

Rigged Casino Games: Fact or Fiction?

Overall, we are happy to tell you that legitimate casino game websites are never rigged, and there is plenty of small print and regulations to prove this! It’s a very strict industry and as long as you don’t accidentally click on a dodgy website, you’re not going to have any problem with rigged casino games. Just always make sure you understand the odds of what you are betting on, because otherwise you might end up rigging yourself!