If you can think of something, you can bet on it. We’re not talking only about sports betting sites such as BetOnline, but about literally anything: politics, weather, celebrities, and many more things are subject to gambling. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest ones.

When Alien Life Will Be Discovered

Alien life has been a subject of predictions and probabilities has been a subject of conversations for decades, making it one of the best options to bet on (if you want to lose, that is).

The odds range from the discovery of extraterrestrial life to specific times of discovery, places that aliens would visit, etc.

The odds on that usually range in 70/1 to 50/1 range. However, certain space objects, such as the Oumuamua, cited in late 2018, can shorten the odds drastically.

For example, the shortest odds on alien sightings from Paddy Power were recorded as 5/1, after a UFO was apparently cited near Ireland.

End of the World

If you thought that betting on aliens was crazy, this category gets a bit crazier. Various online betting sites offer odds on a variety of possibilities for the world to end, from the Biblical Apocalypse to the Nuclear War. Here are some of the shortest odds:

  • Zombie virus – 1/1000
  • Alien Invasion – 1/500
  • Blackhole – 1/125
  • Robot Uprising – 1/80
  • Natural Disasters destroying life on Earth – 1/45
  • Nuclear War – 1/30

Interestingly enough, odds on the Sun expanding and destroying the Earth is 1/1, since it has been scientifically proven to take place and, hence, guaranteed to happen.

Celebrity Deaths

There are numerous predictions on celebrities, their children, roles they could play and songs they might sing. However, some love to bet celebrity death pools, predicting which one would die sooner than the other.

Some of the most popular personas on the death list include:

  • Kirk Douglas – 103 years old
  • Jimmy Carter – 95 years old
  • Tina Turner – 80 years old
  • Mikhail Gorbachev – 89 years old

All Things Royal Family

Speaking of celebrities, probably the most gambled celebrities are the members of the British Royal Family

For example, since Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle has recently given birth to the couple’s first child and the odds on everything regarding his birth are all the hype.