Sports betting online is subject to constant change. If the betting provider changes its offer, we adjust our bookmaker test so that you always stay up to date. The filter options are very helpful, because betting providers with Cashout or betting providers with PayPal can be quickly identified. Even betting providers without a deposit, i.e. with free bets, have to be filtered out, so that nothing stands in the way of successful betting tips. However, the following question deserves increased attention: What aspects does the sports betting provider comparison consider? We dedicate the next section in our sports betting comparison to the criteria mentioned. If you wish to place bets you can you can visit a sport betting site such as BetOnline; or alternatively you can play sport slots at NetBet.


What distinguishes a good bookmaker from one of the best bookmakers? We asked ourselves this question several times during our research. In order to carry out a betting provider comparison fairly and neutrally, we have defined criteria as a basis for evaluation. Important evaluation criteria are the betting odds (which you can call up in the betting odds comparison) and the range of online sports betting. The top priority in the sports betting provider comparison have the odds of a bookmaker compared to other providers, as they decide on the profit.

But also factors such as payment methods (deposit and withdrawal), as well as the range of live bets, play an important role in our sports betting provider comparison. For many betting customers it is important that, for example, not only Paypal, bank transfer or credit card are available as deposit and withdrawal options. In addition, there is the betting provider bonus and the associated bonus conditions. After all, almost all betting providers offer attractive bonus payments, for which registration is often worthwhile. Mobile service continues to play an increasingly important role. The evaluation criteria are rounded off by customer service and the trustworthiness of the bookmaker. The best betting providers consistently meet all of these evaluation criteria.

In order to find the best bookmaker in the online bookmaker comparison, you have to think about what makes a good bookmaker. On the one hand, this is of course the amount of the betting odds offered. But top odds alone are not enough to convince us. Other factors such as the range of sports bets on offer or the betting provider bonus must also fit. A good betting provider must also have first-class customer service. In addition, the bookmaker should have been active in the market for a long time and be able to look back on a corresponding experience. A good online betting provider should also be reliable with regard to deposits and withdrawals.


Betting tips can be placed with any sports betting provider. However, our bookmaker experience shows that one bookie has its strengths with the odds, the other with the regular promotions. Our opinion: Those who place bets online should know the strengths of their bookmakers. Our sports betting comparison will help you with this.

Apart from the betting bonus comparison, the mobile phone bets and even the betting tips, there are personal characteristics that expand the decision.

• Comfort factor: making bets online is a great hobby for many users. Therefore a certain “welcome-at-home-feeling” has to arise when entering the bookie page.

• Clarity: According to our bookmaker experience, many bookies are similar in terms of structure. On the basis of the betting slip or the necessary clicks before placing a tip, each customer must decide for himself whether the homepage is clear.

• Identification: You are strongly connected to your home country. Then you might choose bwin as a German or take a look at Sky Bet as a Swiss. Are you looking for a bookmaker in Austria? Interwetten is deeply rooted there.

• Newsletter: Sports betting tips can be teased by the company through an e-mail. Betway likes to use these sports betting strategies on the top games. Often it is the best sports betting with a fantastic odds key.

• Regular promotions: Existing customer bonuses are a great advantage for sports betting tips today. Because in contrast to the welcome bonus, these have a permanent validity.


For your sports betting tips, you are free to use our overview as a guide. According to our betting provider experience, online sports bets can be placed anywhere there. The ranking offers a comprehensive overview and the individual test reports go into more detail. The bookmaker comparison 2021 will be continued in the following years. The last date of the update can be seen below the table. If you log into your favorites, you will quickly find the right bookmaker for you. It is important to be registered with several bookmakers in order to always benefit from the best odds. During your search you will enjoy the bonuses, which can also be seen in our betting provider comparison bonus.