I love gambling, you love gambling, but the Australians love to gamble more than we all do together. It is a know fact that the Australian love to spend a buck or two at an online casino.  To mention some of the things that they like to gamble on: slots machines, progressive slot games, sportsbooks such as BetOnline, scratch cards, lotto, sports betting, lotto, horse racing and more. If we have to be brutally honest, the Australians are very much like the British when it comes to gambling. If there is something that they can bet on, be sure that they will.  Having said that, not all the Australian nation is a gambling addict, yet the Aussies feel like a quick win is fun and worth it.

Let’s break down some statistics to see where and how much money our Australians spend on gambling. Well, in total the average Australian person spends approximately around 1200 AUS Dollars annually on gambling annually. That is not much compared to other players splashed across the globe. This is of course considering the number of adults in Australia. If you had to ask us what the average Joe spends the money on, we would say mostly horse racing and also other lotto games. If we had to compare the average adult in Ireland, the Irish would spend $600 per year.  Across the pond in America, the average adult would spend a small $400 per year. Compared with the Australians the figures are low!

One of the biggest events that the Aussies like to wager on is undoubtedly the Melbourne Horse Racing Cup, that is held annually in Melbourne. You will also be able to bet on this event via the best Australian online casinos, the ones that offer sportsbook of course. Just to make this in your betting calendar, this event happens every year during November, and it is a big event just like the Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom.  There are other events that the Australians like to bet on, especially when it comes to sports.  And let’s agreed that the Australians do quite ok when it comes to sports?  Do you remember Ian Thorpe the who won five gold medals at swimming at the Olympics? They also do quite well when it comes to athletics. Do you remember when Sally Pearson took the gold medal home during the London Olympics? Both these Aussie athletes have made sure that the rest of Australia saw a spike in betting via the best online casino games like Big top slot at Wizard Slots. If an athlete from your country is playing, you bet on him, period!

We looked at some online stats to try and determine what is that the Aussies bet most at the best Australian online casino, the results are not surprising, have a look: Pokies is the game of choice for the crowd down under. Pokies generate an 11 Billion revenue annually. Next after that, there is sports betting, and on an annual basis, the Aussies best around 626 Million on that. Lotteries are also a big part of the Australian life, an on average, Australia spends 1.9 Billion Dollars annually. When it comes to horses, we already mentioned they love the races, ad in fact the sport brigs in 3 million dollars annually.

If we had to look back at why gambling has become so big with the Australians, well we caught up with some of our Aussie friends who mentioned some very valid points. Australia lived and experienced some very harsh conditions when it comes to living a life of freedom, hence gambling was always a means of escaping reality and living the dream. Australia has also produced some of the best athletes across the globe, the ones that take the Gold and Silver medals home. This has for sure produced the love that the Australians have for sports events and sports betting.  People who never spend a dollar at the best Australian online casino, would go to the horse races and easily spend 100 dollars. This is the love that the Aussies have for gambling.