Sports betting has been a real talking point across the US for some time, with many states now approving this in recent times. There are now 20 states that are already there, with many others set to follow suit within the near future. This is now a market that is set to evolve within the near future and completely take over the world-wide sports betting scene. Online books such as BetOnline are already immensely popular, and now gambling is being allowed physically in the United States.

Nevada is now no longer the only state that permits a variety of legal sports betting, with a market that has now existed for decades. Other states are now looking to follow them and the success that they have shown. This includes both in-person and mobile betting and over 200 regulated casinos. Delaware is another state to now legalize sports betting, with this coming into force back in 2018. They now offer single-game betting options across a host of different sports, with casinos also now opening.

New Jersey was another state to follow suit back in 2018, following the bill passing the previous week. Sportsbooks are now opening across the state, with this set to increase over the coming years. Mississippi continued the trend, with the MGM Resorts also booking their first sports bets in 2018 but this must be done in person and mobile wagering is to be considered at a later date. West Virginia also passed this in 2018 and became the fifth state to do so.

New Mexico also started to offer sports bets in the later period of 2018. This was through the Santa Ana star casino and hotel but with a partnership from the Nevada based USBookmaking. Pennsylvania also started to offer legal sports bets in the later period of 2018, and it is another market expected to evolve in the coming years. That is also true for Rhode Island, who at present only have two locations that are allowing this under law, but this could yet change in the future.

Arkansas was the next state to follow in the later period of 2019, as the Oaklawn racing casino resort started to offer legal sports bets in the state. This is now regulated by the Arkansas racing commission. New York was then next to follow in 2019 and this is a market of great expectation, that it could grow into one of the big booming sports betting markets. The law however does still now allow wagering through mobile devices. Iowa was another state that has now legalized sports betting, as of the latter period of 2019. It has also permitted mobile wagering, that is already proving popular across the state, with punters looking at different offers available at sites such as those found here. It is another market expected to have great success moving forward.

Oregon was then next, and this returned legal sports betting, following a lengthy hiatus. The state has long been one of the limited few who had law passed on permitting this, so it was a welcome return for many. Indiana then also legalized this last year, with in-person and mobile betting passed. Another to also now pass was in New Hampshire. Both mobile and retail sports betting were permitted but this did not include in-state college sports betting. Illinois has also now been another state to legalize sports betting, as of the early period of 2020. They are another state to also offer both in-person and mobile, with casinos also opening up.

Michigan was another back in the early period of the year, which came just three months after the law was signed in the state. Montana also followed with this back in March, offering in-person, as the mobile options has yet to be passed but could follow within the near future. Colorado became the 18th state to then legalize sports betting, with multiple operators opening. This included both in-person and mobile betting to be allowed.

The final two to pass were then Washington D.C and Tennessee. Washington D.C passed this back in June and allowed consumers to wager on major sports world-wide. It is another state that is expected to really take off in the coming years with vast growth. Tennessee then followed last month, with four operators being licensed. This did not include land-based establishments, with mobile only options passed.

These are the examples of different states now legalizing sports betting and many more are now expected to follow in the coming years.