With the recent overturning of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) by the Supreme Court of the United States, the future of online sports betting in the US has entered a significant period of change. The charge to change legislation governing online sports betting was led by the state of New Jersey, so it makes perfect sense that NJ online casinos will be the first to offer American sports fans the opportunity to legally bet on their favorite sports online.

How Online Sports Betting Works in the Rest of the World

Sports betting has been around for about as long as competitive sports have, as you can no doubt imagine. Wagers have been placed on all sorts of competitive events and opportunities, right from the word go. Virtually any test of skill, from throwing a ball or riding a horse, climbing a mountain, to jumping over stuff or even just running, those observing these things were undoubtedly putting something of value up to back their favorite.

It didn’t take too long for someone to think of organizing all of these things into one convenient system and, hey presto! The first bookie was born. Flash forward a few hundred years to the 1990’s and the first online bookmakers launched what was to become the most convenient and fastest way to get into sports betting ever. The internet has made many things possible now, from pursuing your favorite sports on digital networks, social media, and even betting online, at least, if you were living outside of the USA that is.

Signing up with a top online sportsbook like BetOnline is quick and easy and is very similar to signing up with an online casino. In fact, many top online sportsbook sites are now a combo affair, with a casino and sports betting platform rolled into a single site. Once signed up, members can enjoy bonus offers in the form of free bets just to get their feet wet plus other cool incentives. The best online sports betting sites will always have most popular sports like football, hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball front and center.

Placing bets on current or on up and coming events is as easy as clicking on the event, checking out the odds and getting it into your bet slip. You can even follow the action on a live betting platform with events streamed in a real time video feed. The best part is that sports betting sites are now also available on mobile, meaning you can take your sports betting site wherever you like and can place bets or follow the action on the go.

The End of Illegal Black Market Sports Betting in the USA

Of course for many American sports fans, betting on the black market has been a thing for a long time. The most obvious problem (apart from it being illegal) is that you can never be quite sure if you’ll see your money at the end of the day. Now that SCOTUS has overturned the outdated PASPA legislation, all of that is about to change.

With New Jersey leading the way, online sport betting in the US is not only going to be comprehensive, covering all the major food groups including NFL and college football, basketball, hockey, pro soccer and much more, placing safe and reliable bets on sites that have been approved for US sports betting will be as easy as pie.

Of course online sports betting for US sports fans is still in its early phase and other states are waiting to see how New Jersey handles the transition. It is also worth mentioning at this point that many of the already established online sports betting brands are poised and ready to launch their services in the US sports betting market. As more and more states begin to offer legalized and regulated online sports betting, you can be sure that a lot more options will become available. This will obviously also include more competitive odds and a wider range of betting options too. New Jersey residents represent the front line of a new wave of online sports betting in the USA which promises to be just the beginning.