Sports and gaming are two of the biggest passions in the world today. So, it makes perfect sense that sport is one of the most popular themes for casino and video games. There is a whole range of different sports represented in the gaming world including soccer, F1 and UFC.

This is good news for sports fans who can take their love of sports with them into the world of gaming. Let’s take a closer look at five of the sports-related games that they can enjoy.

Champions Cup slot game

This is the one slot game in this list. It’s a feature of many an online uudet kasinot (new casino in the Finish language) as it’s a well-known title from Scandinavian gaming software developer NetEnt.

The game was released prior to the 2016 Euro championship and has been popular with players ever since. There is a fun bonus game to enjoy during which players have the opportunity to win prizes as a goalkeeper. The game also features free spins which give players the opportunity to enjoy more playing time. These features help to make Champions Cup one of the most popular football based slot games around.

PES 2020

PES games have always been known for their realistic depiction of the football world. The latest version of the game features even more advancements such as new first-touch techniques.

Every aspect of this PES game is impressive, including the use of 3D scanning technology to depict stadiums and players in great detail. The animations used are also more fluid than ever.


UFC has a massive fan base across the world, so it’s not surprising that this game which depicts UFC action is so popular. It’s a must for any fans of the sport as it features more than 5,000 new fighting animations.

In this version of the game, players can also customize UFC fighters, complete with a range of signature moves. This adds an extra level of excitement to the game play.

Players also have the opportunity to use

G.O.A.T Mode. In this mode, they can create their own UFC fighter story as they build their own UFC career. It’s as close as you can get to being a UFC fighter, away from the real world.

F1 2019

The real magic of this game does not lie in F1 racing itself; it’s all about the journey to becoming an F1 star. If a player chooses career mode, they get to start out in F2.

It’s then time to graduate to the big league, together with two other drivers. This gives players the opportunity to build rivalries with these other drivers. Enjoying these rivalries gives an extra edge to the game and ramps up the excitement level.


This game is a feature in most people’s sports-themed top 10s with each update. NHL20 is no different. It’s just as polished as previous incarnations.

There are also some noticeable improvements. For instance, there are new shooting animations which are pretty close to real-life action. There are also additions to the presentation features such as new commentators and a Play Of The Game feature which enables slo-mo action replays.

In summary

There is gaming activity to suit most sports fans, from UFC enthusiasts to followers of the NHL. The latest high-quality graphics and animations in the games provide an experience that is closer to real-life action than ever. Online casino enthusiasts can also join in with the sports theme, thanks to the existence of several sports-themed slots.

Some of the most popular features of sports-themed games are those which involve behind the scenes action. This includes building a career and creating rivalries. Features like these help to create a more well-rounded gaming experience which gives players a feel for what it must be like to compete as a professional sports star.

There is no doubt that sports-related games have evolved greatly over the years, giving players a more realistic experience. It will be interesting to see how they continue to develop and what this will mean for the experience of players in the future.