Finland is a country that is known for being a happy place to live thanks to the good standard of living and the excellent education system. It’s also known for being home to a nation of people who love sport.

Not only do they love to play sports; they also love to bet on them. In fact, the government encourages people to use Finland based sports books and kasinot netissa (online casinos in the Finnish language). A lot of the money from the state monopolized industry is used to help fund not-for-profit activities in the country.

Services provided by Finnish betting sites

Online casinos and sports books in Finland provide a range of different services for people to enjoy. For instance, they provide:

  • Online slot machines.

These slot machines come in a range of varieties including video slots, traditional slots and progressive jackpot slots.

  • Betting on a range of sports.

It’s not just the results of matches or tournaments that people can bet on. Sports bettors in Finland enjoy the opportunity to place other types of bet, such as what the score in an ice hockey game will be or which player will score.

  • Poker tournaments.

There are many different types of poker for players to enjoy online. They can even visit the live casino, to compete against other players.

  • Table games like roulette and blackjack.

These games are popular with enthusiasts and with people who enjoy sports betting but want some variety to their online betting experience.

There is something for all sports betting and casino enthusiasts to enjoy. Taking a closer look at sports betting in particular, it’s interesting to see which sports people in Finland prefer to bet on.

Sports that Finnish people like to bet on

There are several sports that are popular in Finland, and that attract betting interest. The most popular sports in terms of media coverage tend to be Formula One and ice hockey, so these sports also tend to attract the most attention on betting sites.

Other sports which Finnish people have an interest in include harness racing, cross-country skiing and the national sport Pesäpallo which combines traditional ball batting skills with a baseball like theme. All of these sports attract their fair share of betting action.

Sports betting sites do their best to attract customers by providing bonuses to new and existing players. These bonuses can provide a significant boost to a player’s bankroll; although they do come with conditions attached.

The poker factor

Very few people in Finland make money from betting on sports on a professional level. For most people, sports betting is a pastime that they enjoy. If they are lucky enough to win, it’s a bonus.

However, things are slightly different when it comes to poker. Many people regard this as a sport itself. It’s certainly highly competitive. Much like sports betting, some people in Finland bet money when they play poker as a means of entertainment.

However, professional poker players like Patrik Antonius make a good living from playing poker tournaments all over the world. They do not just stick to playing online. The biggest players take part in events like the World Series of Poker which happens in Las Vegas each year.

Most people in Finland, just like in many other countries, do not aspire to reach this level. They are happy playing poker online, alongside their sports betting activities.

In summary

Sports are an important part of the way of life in Finland. People love to participate in sports like Pesäpallo and ice hockey. They also enjoy watching sports live and on TV. Given how important sport is in the country it’s not surprising that people also like to bet on sports.

This betting benefits the country because it provides money to be spent on not-for-profit activities. It’s also an enjoyable way for Finnish people to spend time indoors, given that the cold weather so often keeps them inside. Taking all of this into account, it does not seem as though sports betting in Finland will lose its popularity anytime soon. This is good news for the casinos and sports books that provide the service.