It has been almost 2 years since the Supreme Court of the United States has stricken down the law that has made sports betting federally illegal. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA of 1992 has been prohibiting majority of the states in the US to regulate sports betting for a long time.

Only states like Nevada, Delaware, and Oregon were excused from this law because of a pre-existing law that has always allowed these states to regulate sports betting. It was the state of New Jersey that took the chance to challenge PASPA so that it can already have local sports betting operations and they fortunately succeeded.

Before the decision of the Supreme Court, many Americans are already wagering on sports, especially in Nevada and online through offshore-based online casinos. There is really no law that prohibits the Americans from wagering online as long as the operators are based offshore.

Online and mobile betting remained highly unregulated in the US before PASPA was stricken down. People have been placing bets online or with their mobile devices. This practice remains as some of the states still haven’t signed betting into law.

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Now, it didn’t take long for New Jersey and other states like Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Mississippi to sign sports betting into law a few months after the Supreme Court’s decision in May 2018. The following year, states like New York, Illinois, Montana, Iowa, and Indiana also signed betting into law.

However, some of these states haven’t launched betting just yet. The state of Illinois, for example, signed betting into law in June 2019. However, up until now, the state hasn’t launched it yet. The state is hopeful to have it ready by March.

Currently, there are already a total of 20 states that have signed betting into law. These states, however, have different takes when it comes to how sports betting will be regulated. Some states allow both online and in-person betting. Some only allow one of those. New York only currently has in-person betting regulations in place. Online operators are still prohibited in this state.

Many New Yorkers are hoping to already have online betting this year, but it’s still hard to tell. It appears that New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, will still need some convincing from the supporters of online betting in the state.

Meanwhile, things are completely different in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee only allows online betting within the state. However, the state is still preparing to launch it for its residents. The most recent update is that the state has released the first draft of the rules to follow for online operators.

Tennessee seems to still have a lot to work out as it garnered many criticisms and negative reactions from the locals and key players of the betting industry because of high tax and hard to follow rules. Still, the state is hoping to have sports betting ready before the year ends.

In states like New Jersey, both online and in-person betting are allowed. This is why this state is in close competition with Nevada when it comes to betting revenues. In fact, New Jersey is no longer far from becoming the state with the largest gambling revenue.

It’s an advantage for the state that New York doesn’t have online betting yet. Many New Yorkers are actually traveling to this state just so they can place their bets with their mobile device. Apparently, it’s easier for New Yorkers to go to New Jersey via a 20-minute train ride than drive to upstate New York for around 2 hours just so they can place their bets in registered land casinos.

Right now, many are still looking forward to knowing which states will be signing betting into law this year. States like Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia are likely to have something in place for betting legislation this year.

For now, it is predicted that by 2025, around 40 states may have already legalized betting. This means that the majority of Americans will then have the chance to place their bets locally. It’s no longer impossible that the US will be big on betting like how countries like the UK are.