Cricket is a match played in between two teams. This team is consisting of eleven players. For making more scores, two elements involved.

The first element is to increase the number of runs, and the other is the numbers of wickets lost by each team.

In matches, all the scores, wickets and overs counted. All the cricket rules must be following. Those players who will break the rules must be paying fine.

In early time, runs score recorded by carving on a stick — all the runs ere recorded by this method.

Now in a modern era, all the impossible things are possible. Everything is available on internet and you get every information and knowledge from there.

These all are beneficial for us because we can see live cricket on the internet.

How can you see live Cricket match on Hotstar?

  • If you want to watch the game online, many sites are available on the internet, but the Hotstar is best for seeing the live match streaming for just 10 minutes.
  • After watching, close the tab and also delete the history.
  • Open the hotstar site again and watching the game 10 minutes for free.

Which site is best for live Cricket?

Many sites are available on the internet for live cricket streaming. Following are mentioned here

  1. Hotstar
  2. Sony Live Sports
  3. Willow TV
  4. BCCI
  5. ESPNcricinfo
  6. Reedit
  7. Google assistant
  8. Skysports


It is the best live streaming site on the internet. It has many features that allow watching the live cricket match online.

It is the best and most popular site in all over India. Hotstar displays many cricket events like T20, One Day, and test matches.

This site provides the best reliable speed and full HD screen for users. There is no demand for this site to make an account on Hotstar or streaming match. If you are residing in the UK, there are plenty of great sports betting sites. We recommend Zamsino as they list the latest bonuses daily.

SonyLIV Sport

SonyLIV sport is one of another site for the live streaming cricket match. You can watch every significant and favorite cricket match on this site.

This site provides all the upcoming schedule detail and update of the current cricket match.

SonyLIV Sport is the site that displays all the detail of the cricket match world. SonyLIV is a well develop video uploader that provides HD video result.

Its displaying speed is depending on the speed of the internet. In this site, you can watch all of your favorite games.

Willow TV

Willow TV site is one of the best and free live crickets streaming for USA people. This famous Cricket live streaming site is available as a channel on satellite and cable network.

Many people like this site and mostly watch all the matches on this site. Like other live cricket sites, this site is not free. For this, you can pay monthly some dollars.


The next free live cricket streaming site is BCCI. By using this best site, you can watch the entire domestic, T20. One day, and final cricket match here.

This site provides to see the latest news about the match, entire schedule update about game and scoring about the whole match for users.

It is one of the single sites that is available in Hindi language and watches Live streaming cricket match here without any trouble.


The next cricket rich live streaming site is ESPNcricinfo. In this site, you can watch all the update of a match, the latest news about the match, analysis of the match, and scoring of match.

You can watch all the major cricket events like test series, IPL, and many more matches.

In this site, you can follow your favorite team for the latest update and latest scoring in a live match.


This site also used as live cricket streaming, and this is not hosted, like live cricket streaming but provide some unofficial link to cricket match streaming in different categories.

You can join this site for watching test series, T20, one-day matches, and world cup matches.

Google Assistant

If you want to know about the quick scoring about a live cricket match, you must use Google assistant site.

Google assistant is one of the famous sites that provide all the information and update about domestic and international matches.

You can attach this site with your smartphone and get an update about single news. Google assistant allows choosing your favorite team for updating.

Google assistant is the best way to know about the latest update and latest happening in the cricket world.


It is the primary live streaming site for a cricket match and hosts all the major events of live Cricket.

It provides a clear and easy way to get in touch with the latest update. Other than Cricket, you can watch live streaming of many other games like football, hockey, golf, boxing, and many more sports.

This site provides well streaming and full HD result.