If you want to find out more about this year’s PGA tour, then you have certainly come to the right place. Here you can find out whatever you need to know about the tour itself and the people who are partaking in the tournament.

A Tiger Slump is Going to Ignite Panic

Everyone is wondering what’s wrong with Tiger. They think that Woods has run out of gas, and that he is going to run into major issues in the future. That being said, only time will tell how he performs throughout the tournament itself.

Weather Problems

A lot of people have visited Bethpage Black to find out how the course has survived a very rough winter. They also want to see how the weather could affect the 2019 Wanamaker too. It would appear that New York golf is shining more than ever before, but when you look back to the 09’ Open at Black, it’s very easy to see how quickly things can change. A lot of people are hoping for even more sunshine, but don’t act surprised if some rain does make an appearance. Best to bring an umbrella if you want to be on the safe side.

Bryson Experiment

L’Artiste has actually been facing a battle recently. He’s been using a side-saddling putter and even a compass over the last two seasons. It stands to reason that fight number 3 could be on the cards. DeChambeau’s profile could earn him much more respect from the Far Hills offices, but we can also envision that the five-time winner could also be wreaking havoc by using tees that actually lessen frictional force. If you are looking to make some money on the game, then make sure that you take this into account. If the game is far too risky for you to bother with a bet then visit a real money online casino to see what other money-making opportunities are available.

“The Match” is Going to Return

Big Cat’s camp have continually denied that anything is set in stone. Some sources have told the prestigious news outlet Golf Digest that Tiger Woods and his buddy Phil Mickelson are going to be returning for a TV spectacle in 2020. This would follow a team format rather than a one-on-one bout, but it’s safe to say that it won’t be free to watch. You may need to pay through the neck in order to get access to it, but that being said, it’ll probably be worth it.

Spieth’s Odyssey

Spieth has had a few big moments on the PGA Tour. He’s had 2 wins and 3 losses. Spieth, when you look at the other times he’s played, went onto have 9 wins and 3 victories. His down season happened last year, but even then, it wasn’t that bad. He won two majors, but even a player of his calibre didn’t actually qualify for the Tour Championship. That’s alarming to say the least, but you should anticipate that the 25-year old has had a rectified short game and that he could return to the top 5 within the next year or so.

Finau’s going to get a Win

3 of the top 10 took part in majors last year. It would appear that Finau has become a very popular pick this spring, but as they say, you need to walk before you can run. For Finau, this means getting his very first non-alternative win. The Ryder Cup was second on the tour and he finished 7th in strokes gained in the year 2018. He proved that these figures are not flukes when he became a runner up at the WGC-HSBC this year. If he is able to keep his troublesome putting skills at bay, then there’s a high chance that he could make a trip to the winner’s circle this year.

It’s All about the No-Names

Sure, Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson were long shots. They won in the ’16 PGA and ’15 open respectively. You have to take note that there hasn’t actually been a true shock since Y.E. Yang. It seems logical to think that we are due another underdog win, and that this streak could end this summer. Who knows what is going to happen, but either way, people wouldn’t be surprised if a nobody did actually end up taking the win.

The President’s Cup

When you look at the surface of things, it seems obvious that the Royal Melbourne is the site of the only International victory in history. It’s safe to say that the Ryder Cup incident is still fresh and that it wouldn’t be surprising if the tables were to turn. Either way, the American frontline is loaded with firepower and the International depth is still somewhat problematic. US dominance is going to continue in Australia.

Justin Thomas

Justin Rose and Brooks Koepka have been playing hot potato with the number one ranking. The prediction however lies with Thomas. He has been the winner of 8 events in the last two seasons and this happens to leave the icon duo in the dust. The majority of tour venues like to cater to his blitzkrieg strategy- which is fourth in birdie and first in eagles. His lone weakness, being his driving accuracy won’t be penalised in this year’s PGA and Pebble sites. He’s started out strong so it wouldn’t be surprising if Thomas retook the crown by Spring.

So those are some of the top predictions so far. There is no telling how the whole event is going to turn out, but it’s safe to say that if any of the top predictions happened, it wouldn’t really be surprising. It’s easy to see how things are planning out so far and by using this information, it’s not hard to see how it could impact any possible future results. If you are planning on placing a bet, then make sure that you take the above tips into account when you are selecting your winner. That way you’ll get the edge you need to come out with a profit.