We are in the thick of the MLS season and with no basketball or football action why not turn your attention to betting on soccer? Soccer generally has way more markets than any other US sport and that gives you far more chances of winning big than ever before. If you haven’t bet on soccer before then fear not, it is much the same as other sports, albeit with some additional extras to enjoy. If you fancy backing your favorite MLS team then here are some tips on how to boost your chances of winning.

Little by Little 

If you put an accumulator on for 5 teams to win and the potential return from $5 is $5000, then it is highly improbable that this is going to come off. Remember that betting is a marathon and not a sprint which is why there is no rush in reaching for riches. The idea is to win bets, and plenty of them, to build up a cash pot which you can then use to go for bigger money on more probable outcomes. Let’s say that you place a $10 and win just $3 on the result, you may not think that $3 is very much but it is because your chances of wining are so high, now let’s assume that you’ve built up your cash pot over 6 months and place $1000 on that bet, you’ll stand to win $300 on a highly probable bet. We all love an underdog and a long odds bet but you won’t be profitable if you do this in soccer, especially because of how erratic the games can be.


In soccer many betting companies offer in-play betting which is a great way to boost how much money you make from the games. If you bet at half time then you can bet on a game which you already have an idea as to which way it is going to go. Some great in-play bets in soccer are over/under corners, especially if one team is chasing the game, another great idea is to pick games which are 0-0 at halftime, and bet on over 0.5 goals. The large majority of games feature at least one goal and that will be all that you need to bring your bet home, again this will be low odds but it is all about building the cash pot.

From Behind 

Another great tactic is if a big team falls behind to an early goal, most of the teams who occupy the top of the table out years will have the odd setback and many of them easily come back from a goal behind to win convincingly. If you see a big team lose a goal early then get on and back them as soon as you can.

Both Teams To Score

If you do want to bet on something which will have significant returns then why not chance a couple of dollars on a team to win with both teams scoring? If you choose 3 games where you think that this may happen then you’ll see your odds increase massively!

If you haven’t chanced your arm at soccer betting yet then now is the time to give it a try.