The NFL season is fast approaching, with betting on the NFL being one of the most popular things that gamblers do each year. And with so many ways to bet on the NFL, bettors could understandably be overwhelmed if they are new to betting on ‘America’s game’. But with the help of these few tips, betting on the NFL can be made much more manageable regardless of experience level with the sport.

Get to know each team


Even inexperienced NFL bettors typically know who the stars are on each team, thanks to sports media’s relentless pursuit to cover those attention-grabbing athletes. But it is the people who are able to dive deeper into each roster that often get the information needed to make informed NFL betting decisions. A great example of this is taking place in Washington right now, where a high-profile injury is only being made worse by a lower profile dispute between team and player.

That player is star Washington offensive tackle Trent Williams, who took issue with the way that the team’s medical staff approached a growth that was found in his head. And while neither Williams or the team have discussed the situation much, it is possible that he won’t be returning to the team. His absence could impact the entire roster for the whole season, and those who are willing to look beyond the skill positions would be at an advantage in knowing as much.

Don’t fall for the hype

Every year, there are teams that generate a lot of hype heading into each season, thanks to moves they made to improve their roster in the offseason. But many of those moves don’t translate to wins on the field, which is why it is always worth watching a team play before buying into their hype train. This year, the Cleveland Browns are a team that could very well fall into that category after obtaining Odell Beckham Jr.

Coming off of a much improved 2019 season, the Browns are being favored to win the AFC North. But Beckham still seems distracted right now, as he continues to talk about his time with the New York Giants. That may end up impacting the Browns when the season begins, or it might not. But seeing how Beckham fits in with a Browns team that is going in the right direction is a good idea before throwing all of your faith into one of the more calamitous franchises in NFL history.

Don’t be afraid to go your own way

Often when it comes to NFL betting, new bettors tend to rely on conventional wisdom. But sometimes bettors need to think outside of the box if they are going to have success, and going against the herd can often be a great way to do that. That is where ideas like lay betting and going against the public can come into play and really improve a bettor’s overall acumen.

Betting exchanges like Betfair have become a popular way to go head to head with other bettors instead of the house, which can be beneficial to those who are willing to step out on a limb. Lay betting, or betting against another user’s selection, can help bettors profit from overconfidence in teams that are overvalued by the public. Once you figure out how to bet on Betfair exchange, taking advantage of those market inefficiencies could be a long-term strategy even for the new NFL bettor.

There are countless things to consider when wagering on the NFL, but these three keys, in particular, are a great place to start. If you can approach every game with those items in mind, it won’t be long before you are putting yourself in the best position to win on a consistent basis.