This article covers all the details of Microsoft 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals that checks the fundamental knowledge required to make a good career by using the Microsoft technologies. This study tutorial provides the students with an understanding of the exam format. It gives details about advice for exam preparation and suggestions regarding any additional study material. This will help one get a real-time feel of the test so that they can prepare for itaccordingly.

If you wish to pass the Microsoft MTA Certification 98-349 , it is very important that your concepts in terms of the fundamental Windows Operating System are clear. It is strongly recommended that one should be familiar with the ideas and the technologies describedin the exam content as there are no other specific prerequisites that one must have for this test. Once you pass this exam, you will receive the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification.

What is MTA?

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a certification from Microsoft that certifies the basic knowledge required to start your career in the IT world using the Microsoft technologies. Those individuals who have attended high school and two years of college are ideal candidates for this program. This certificate opens doors to your future career in IT but does not expect you to have on-the-job experience.

Keeping in view the industry trends, people like to pursue a career in the technology, but they lack the basic knowledge that is required to have a career as one of the technology specialists. The Microsoft Technology Associate credential provides an opportunity to those people who have little practical experience to enter into this professional sphere.

Thus, MTA is an entry-level credential primarily designed to help those who want to take the first step in the career as an IT developer or expert. Furthermore, one becomes a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional community as soon as one earns the MTA certificate. As a member the individual gets access to benefits provided to members. You can interact, find support, and share your qualifications or certifications with other professionals across the globe.

If you wish to earn the MTA certification, you can choose the Microsoft 98-349 exam to pass.

Exam details

The Microsoft 98-349 exam consists of about 40-60 questions, which are based on a multiple-choice format. However, Microsoft does not write the exact number of questions in advance. There is no negative marking, which means no marks are deducted for incorrect answers. If the question asks you to choose multiple correct answers, then you comply with the demands of the questions in order to score one point for that question. It is also possible that some of the questions are not counted in the final score. If you do not pass your test at the first attempt, you do not have to wait for a specific period of time, you can retake it when you want. However, if you still do not pass it on the second try, then you must wait for a period of 14 days before retaking it the third time. After the second attempt, 14 days will be put into place for all the following exam retakes. Once you pass the exam, you cannot retake it.

Preparation tips

The most important thing to do is to go through the exam objectives mentioned at the Microsoft official website. You should have solid concepts regarding all the skills measured in the test. They are as follows:

  • Understanding operating system configurations (15–20%)
  • Installing and upgrading client systems (15–20%)
  • Managing applications (15–20%)
  • Managing files and folders (15–20%)
  • Managing devices (15–20%)
  • Understanding operating system maintenance (15–20%)

The certification test is designed for the candidates who do not have a real-life experience of a Windows network. The exam objectives may change from time to time, and it is very important that you keep yourself updated and know exactly what is coming in your specific exam. Do your research before starting your preparation?

There are many websites, videos, and materials that can help you get all the information you need such as Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials by Tom Carpenter and Windows Operating System Fundamentals: MTA 98-349 by Microsoft Official Academic Course. Do not search for websites containing questions and answers because the answers given on the particular website may be incorrect. In addition to this, chances of the same question coming in the exam are very low. Besides, a small change in the question can result in a change in the answer,and it is very important that you have a strong grip over the relevant concepts. However, some practice tests may be helpful enough if to use them with some other study materials. Do not rely on cheating because you will be caught and banned from appearing in the exam again for your whole life.

When you take the 98-349 exam, read the questions very carefully because the question may contain unnecessary information in order to confuse you. Make sure you double check that you have clicked on the correct choice. Do not click anywhere on the screen because it might change your answer accidentally.

You will also receive a piece of paper and a pencil for doing your rough work and writing. Before starting the exam, you can write down a few notes, facts, and other information that will help you through the test because sometimes at the beginning of the exam, there is a questionnaire that does not count in your total test time giving you an opportunity to write down your notes.

The Microsoft 98-349 exam is not a piece of cake and requires proper preparation. In order to pass it, you need to put in your maximum effort and stay determined and focused. Best of luck!