If you are a fan of online slots, it’s almost obvious that you must be familiar with the King Cashalot at www.videoslots.com as it has been around for a long time and has set a benchmark for other online slots. It takes us all back to the medieval times that was indeed not an easy time to survive in, but with the smiling characters that make up this game, you will forget all about the violence associated with those times.

When you get in on the gameplay, you will find yourself dealing with five reels and nine pay lines that come with such a vibrant design that you will not want to take your eyes off of the screen and to add to your interest you can even try your luck with the progressive jackpot.

Main Symbols

The game revolves around four main elements starting with the king and moving on to the queen, the prince, and the princess. Throughout the game, you will see a lot of gold in different forms, be it the attire of the game characters or the reels where you will put your luck to test. If you are the music lover kind of gamer who puts a lot of emphasis on the game’s music, then you will love the background music of this game which comes with a touch of royalty to it. To indicate the lesser score symbols, the game integrates food items like chicken, beef, fish, and even desserts that may include fruits as well.

There are two possible modes for you to play in, the regular mode and the expert mode. Regular mode is ideal for the players who are just getting their hands on the game while expert players can play in the expert mode and give the king some hard time with his cash. If you choose to go pro, you can also make use of the autoplay function and put your gaming skills to the test.

Distinguishing Features

The game comes with a great Treasure Bonus feature but it will not activate on its own, and you will have to play smart to get yourself acquainted with this feature. When you are playing the game, you want to make sure that the golden dragon symbols disperse on the wheel in the order of two, three and four and there you go, you will get the treasure bonus feature. Once you have earned this feature, you will gain access to eight treasure chests but do not get your hopes too up as you can only pick one of them. If you are not happy with your choice, you can change your mind and pick another chest, if you do not like that one either you can discard it and choose another but that will be your last pick, and you will have to open it.

Another notable feature is the progressive jackpot that will bring you the big cash that you are playing for. If you want to hit the jackpot, you will have to make sure that five of your king wilds somehow end up on the ninth payline. If you do not know the ninth payline, you can always check the game info, and there you will see the exact position of all the paylines, and that will help you play better.

A great way to hit the jackpot is to make sure that when you are playing, all of the paylines remain active. This will significantly enhance your chance of hitting the jackpot; otherwise, you may have to struggle to win. If you want to earn more cash in this game, you will have to gamble more because in the end, the more paylines you have, the more bonuses you will gain.

Score Levels of Different Symbols

If you are wondering about the highest scoring symbol of the game, then that will be the king. If you get five kings in a line, you will score 15,000x which is much higher than scoring five queens in a line that result in a score of 1000. Moving on, if you get five knights in a line, you earn 500. The lowest scoring symbol will be the scatter symbol which earns you a score of 5, and also you do not get to benefit from any free spins. The only thing that adds to the worth of the scatter symbol is that even if you have not selected all the paylines, you will earn from the non-activated paylines as well while other symbols will only give you what you earn from the activated paylines. If you manage to access the jackpot, you will get yourself a chance to hit the one million mark, and if you play well and have an appropriate number of coins, you can even extend the one million mark limit of the jackpot.

Reference: www.videoslots.com