With the MLB 2019 season approaching, the Boston Red Sox have announced that they will be giving fans replica rings that depict four seasons where the Red Sox have won the World Series. That is in the contest of having fans share the victory that they have achieved. The support that fans give definitely helps to boost the efforts that the players place in each and every game until they get the World Series. So, they get to share the trophies as well!

There are things worth waiting for and others not, but this is one thing that is really worth waiting for; rings for fans.

Fans will get to have their own replica rings, and that is from none other than their favorite team the Boston Red Sox.

From as soon as April 11, the Red Sox will follow the schedule by which they will give their fans replica World Series Rings. That will be during the MLB 2019 season and will share among four games. For four games they will distribute four World Series replica rings – 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018.

With the latest – 2018 Replica Ring– as we head to see the Red Sox face the Toronto Blue Jays on April 11th, the 2018 ring will be handed to fans even though this ring design has been kept a secret to date. That secret is going to be like that till players get their own rings – not replicas of course!

The next ring to be handed out will be the 2013 World Series Replica and it will be available during the game versus the Cleveland Indians on May 28th. The intricate and well-chosen design is a memory worth keeping by the Red Sox fans.

And as we head to see the Texas Rangers as they face the Red Sox in Fenway Park that is on June 11, we will be greeted with a 2007 replica World Series ring.

And, as summer comes to a close, we see the Philadelphia Phillies at Fenway as they face the Red Sox, and it is at that time the fans can get their 2003 World Series Replica Rings.

Of course, if you are really lucky you would have already got your – Four Game Special Offer – where you can get the four tickets and the four replica rings – all in one go. Sadly, those have already sold out and only those who snagged that offer a long while back can sit back and relax. You can get cheap Red Sox tickets without service fees from here to save from every MLB tickets you purchase.

Still, attending four games will give you those same four rings – an opportunity that Red Sox fans are definitely not going to miss if they can help it.

Four games with four rings – not bad as recreation to look forward to all through spring and summer as fans attend one game after the other.

Hopefully, the Red Sox will keep the title this year as well – wishing them all the luck in another MLB season.