Former USC Trojans star O.J. Mayo is on the verge of losing his $1.8 million Milwaukee mansion after the ex-NBA guard reportedly hasn’t made a payment in 10 months.

According to TMZ Sports, Mayo, who last played in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2016, owes $1.13 million on a $1.26 million loan he used to help pay for his former home. The shooting guard was reportedly served with papers multiple times. The property was foreclosed by the bank a few months ago.

Mayo’s home is incredible. Here’s the description per TMZ.

9,200 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, home theater, and private gym.

Mayo’s earned roughly $45 million during his NBA career, so you’d think he’d be able to cover the loan no problem. However, how much money he’s saved versus how much he’s spent is unknown. Getting a loan to cover the house payment seems like an odd decision considering his earnings at the time.

The 31-year-old was suspended by the NBA for a drug violation in July 2016. He’s bounced around since, playing ball in Peurto Rico earlier last year. He currently is a member of the Dacin Tigers in Taiwan.

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