You’ll never know what you find when you go to a Goodwill store as thrifting is full of surprises. For one Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, he found tons of team gear possibly belonging and donated by former head coach Dirk Koetter.

Fox 13 News reports a Bucs fan named Mike Allen went to his local store in Tampa and found tons of Koetter embroidered gear including shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts.

“I couldn’t believe that it belonged to the coach,” Allen told FOX 13 Friday. “They were actually in the process of bringing some of it out. There was another gentleman who was looking at some of it, who actually handed some of it off to me.”

You can check out pictures of Allen’s finds here.

I’d wager the items are legit unless someone really liked Koetter and decided to embroider his name in Bucs gear.

I’m not sure how much value Dirk Koetter-owned clothes has, but for a Bucs fan, getting the chance to own a former coaches gear at Goodwill prices is too good to pass up.

[Image via Fox News 13]

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