Lonzo Ball wasn’t thrilled his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Denise Garcia joked about him being a ‘deadbeat dad’ on social media and decided to clap back.

Back in October, Garcia was asked “to blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad,” in which she responded by blinking both eyes and laughing. When Ball caught up with Garcia (all conveniently captured on camera for Ball’s Facebook reality TV show) he questioned why she would do that.

“Came to see the deadbeat, huh?” Zo asked … “That was fun for you? You had fun? You’re laughing, but it’s really not funny though.”

For her part, Garcia apologized and admitted she shouldn’t have answered the question at all.

So, count this as likely manufactured drama in order to make a reality TV show a little more interesting. I can’t fathom sitting through a full episode of this nonsense, but hey, some people like it and that’s perfectly fine.

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