Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has long had reported friction with his family, which seemed at its highest when his brother Jordan tweeted out his bro didn’t call his parents to make sure they were safe during the California wildfires.

Rodgers might be on the path to repairing his relationship with his family, as the 35-year-old let the media know this week he spent time with his “folks” this weekend during his birthday. Keep in mind, Rodgers was answering about when he found out about head coach Mike McCarthy getting canned and definitely didn’t need to include the factoid.

Rodgers speaking to his folks again might seem like small progress, but for him to mention it publicly is huge for the QB, considering he basically cut them out his life.

Sometimes, things change, and fences can be mended. Let’s hope Rodgers relationship with his parents continue to see steady improvement, as long as that’s what he wants.


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