On Sunday night, during the Colorado Avalanche’s 2-0 win over the Detroit Red Wings, a punch by Tyler Bertuzzi overshadowed everything happening on the ice.

During a scrum near the Red Wings bench, Avs forward Matt Calvert was grabbed towards Detroit’s bench. Forward Tyler Bertuzzi took off his glove and proceeded to punch a defenseless Calvert in the face. It’s an ugly, ugly play.

NHL Player Safety announced on Monday, Bertuzzi would face a hearing for the cheap shot.

There’s no justification for Bertuzzi to punch Calvert without his glove on. He took his mit off specifically to land a bare-knuckled punch against him. It’s a blatant attempt to injure, and Bertuzzi is extremely lucky Calvert wasn’t seriously injured on the play.

I’d expect the NHL to suspend Bertuzzi for at least five games for the punch and would not at all be surprised to see extend much longer than that. The punch wasn’t a hockey play. Bertuzzi should have known better, and now he’s going to have plenty of time to sit and think about what he’s done.

[1st Ohio Battery]

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