One of the most exciting games in college football history, Texas A&M’s 74-72 victory over LSU in seven overtimes, ended with an on-field brawl. Weirdly enough, one of the main participants in the ugly post-game fight was Aggies’ head coach Jimbo Fisher’s nephew, Cole.

On Monday, Texas released a statement on the fight, saying the issue was addressed internally.

There’s a ton of different accounts on how the brawl started, but Cole was accused of shoving  LSU assistant Steve Kragthorpe, who has a pacemaker and suffers from Parkinsons Disease. It appears after the shove, LSU safety John Battle punches Fisher, while the student manager jostles with Kevin Faulk.

Regardless of intent, there’s absolutely no reason why Cole Fisher should remain a student manager after embarrassing himself, his uncle Jimbo, and the Aggies. Getting into an altercation with someone with Parkinsons Disease is just idiotic. If he was the aggressor, it’s no wonder why Battle and Faulk went after him.

If Fisher is still with the Aggies, it’s nepotism at its ugliest. The incident is a complete disgrace from Texas A&M’s POV.

[Terez Owens]

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