Antoine Griezmann is a huge fan of Fortnite. He loves Epic Games’ battle royale game so much; in fact, he’s got bling to prove it.

TMZ reports the Atletico Madrid star has purchased a custom “Take the L” chain which has some serious specs. The chain is made from nearly 6.5 carats of black diamonds while featuring .60 carats of the gemstone green tsavorite made by Jason of Beverly Hills.

The 27-year-old is a big time Fortnite game and specifically loves the emote. Besides the chain, Griezmann shows his Fortnite love after scoring, where he does the “Take the L” dance after each goal. He even did it at the World Cup.

With the jewel-incrusted chain, Griezzman can show off his Fornite love on and off the pitch.

[Photo via TMZ Sports]

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