Gary Bettman has no plans of retiring any time in the near future.

Bettman, who’s been the commissioner of the National Hockey League since 1993, said he’s not stepping away from the role just yet.

“I don’t love being commissioner as much as I used to, I actually love it even more,” Gary Bettman said. “So for those who think I might be getting ready to retire, forget it.”

The 66-year-old had been a divisive figure during his tenure in charge of the NHL. While the league has grown exponentially in revenue in the last 25 years, he’s also overseen three lockouts, said NHL players aren’t going to participate in the Olympics, sparred with injured players suffering from CTE and has a bad reputation with fans, getting booed at nearly every event he’s ever participated in public as NHL commissioner.

Bettman was introduced to the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday, where he joked he wasn’t popular

Love him or hate him, Bettman a Hall of Famer. Eventually, he’ll hand off his role as commissioner to someone else, but for now, fans are stuck with him for the time being.


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