Earlier this week, a video emerged of Ottawa Senators players ripping a coach in an Uber ride from late last October. While what was said on video was embarrassing for those Sens, the question of how ethical it was for the Uber driver to be recording them? was another key takeaway. According to Philadelphia Flyers forward Jakub Voracek, the Uber driver is “a loser.”

Speaking with John Boruk of NBC Sports, Voracek unloaded on the Uber driver for being a “f—ing idiot.”

“I guarantee that every single person who has a boss, every sports team in the world can guarantee it happens everywhere, Voracek said. “And I can guarantee that the coaches behind the door talk about the players. It happens everywhere all the time.

“Who gives a s—? He’s a f—ing idiot. Do your job,” Voracek said. “You’re an Uber driver, drive cars. Don’t try to sell copies to make some money. Get the f— out of here. You know what I mean, he’s a loser.”

Voracek’s words are a bit harsh, as we still don’t know the Uber drivers connection to the video besides recording it, but his point is legit. Players talk smack about coaches in private, just as coaches to the same about players. The key factor being it’s private and not intended for public consumption. If the Uber driver did record the video and publish it for money or to embarrass the Sens, then Voracek’s assessment isn’t far off.

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