24-year-old Michael Wells-Rody was arrested on Saturday, after he reportedly entered a restricted area of the Breeders’ Cup Classic, jumped on a horse and decided to ride it to the racetrack.

Wells-Rody’s rationalization for taking a ride on the horse was hilarious.

He told WHAS-TV the horse once lived on the family farm and that someone let him go for a ride. As for being drunk, Wells-Rody described himself as “functional.” He added it was “cool” to ride a horse at the event.

Sure, man.

What’s not cool is being charged with public intoxication, as he was. Taking the horse for a spin around the racetrack might have seemed like a good idea to someone under the influence, but clearly, it was the wrong decision. At least Wells-Rody got to live out his dream of riding at the Breeders’ Cup Classic, even if it ultimately didn’t work out at all for him.


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