One of the most amazing moments in the NBA this season didn’t happen on the court, but instead, off of it when the Golden State Warriors bumped it to a surprisingly great remix of Fergie’s horrendous All-Star game national anthem. If you thought that’s the last you’d hear of the mix, think again.

On Monday night against the Memphis Grizzlies, at home, the Fergie remix came on during a break in the action. Point guard Steph Curry made sure to groove to it and got assistant coach Mike Brown in on the moves.

When it’s a bop, it’s a bop.

The Warriors like to have fun, so seeing Curry and Brown groove out to the remix on the sidelines is very on-brand. It might seem disrespectful, but whoever remixed Fergie’s rendition of the anthem turned a stinker into a winner. It deserves to be played.

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