Here’s a knockout move out of the EFC that might as well be from a video game it’s so technically impressive.

In EFC 75 MMA action in South Africa, Mzwadile “Shakebone” Hlongwa pulled off an incredibly impressive spinning elbow to knock out opponent Torbjorn Madsen in the first round. It was a direct connection.

All-in-all, Hlongwa needed just 70 seconds to knock out his fellow fighter.

Good grief it’s a devastating blow. The precision and force by Hlongwa to land an elbow like that is nuts. Madsen was immediately out cold. Thankfully, the ref acted quickly and ended the fight.

For future opponents of Hlongwa, study this clip well. It’s a knockout move that he’d be silly not to attempt again in the future. Even if opponents see it coming there’s no guarantee they can avoid it. What an elbow.


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