The NHL Alumni Association is ready to look at marijuana as an effective way of pain treatment.

Former New York Islanders goaltender and alumni executive director Glenn Healy said (via Sportsnet) he’s spent nearly a year researching whether cannabis can eventually replace opioid’s as an effective form of help for retired players.

While Healy didn’t fully endorse marijuana, he did say if science can prove it’s effectiveness in dealing with pain, then he’s “all-in.”

“Science has to prove it first,” said the former goalie. “If science proves it, then I’ll endorse it, but it’s got to be science first. It can’t be me first.”

Science has shown marijuana is an effective form of pain relief and one without nearly as many as addictive, harmful qualities as opioid use. With cannabis becoming legal in Canada just over a week ago, the Alumni Association is rightfully doing their due diligence in finding out if there’s an alternative out there to treat post-playing issues for retired players.

Healy and the Alumni Association is doing the right thing in this situation. While he’s not fully committed to introducing cannabis as a solution to help the long-term pain, he’s willing to table it as a possibility if the science can back it up. Time will tell if his research proves it can.


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