Alex Rodriguez is reportedly in court with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis in an effort to reduce child/spousal support payments of $115,000 per month, sources told TMZ.

TMZ’s reporting, claims a source connected with the former Yankees legend that he’s looking to decrease the amount from $115,00o to $20,000 plus expenses. Scurtis reportedly wants $50,000. That’s quite the difference, even if Scurtis is willing to negotiate a smaller sum. A-Rod’s paying an estimated $1.3 million per year. If he gets his way, that will change to $240,000 per year.

A-Rod’s reported argument for decreasing payments is Scurtis’ personal financial situation. He claims she’s rich with three homes, millions of dollars in the bank and has a masters degree in psychology (but doesn’t work). Meanwhile, A-Rod’s income dropped nearly 90% as he makes $3 million per year as an analyst and other ventures. He’s rich, but maybe not so rich that it makes sense he keeps making such high payments.

The court case is a nasty one. Rodriguez and Scurtis have two daughters, a 13-year-old and a 10-year-old. Hopefully, an eventual solution can be made and both A-Rod and Scurtis can let this public nastiness subside.


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