Kelvin Benjamin reportedly isn’t interested in working on his craft pregame.

According to Jenne Cottrell 13WHAM ABC sports of The Buffalo Bills wide receiver was asked by rookie quarterback Josh Allen to work on his routes ahead of the team’s game against the Houston Texans. Benjamin’s response? No.

Benjamin’s response wouldn’t be such a big deal if he didn’t previously have an uncomfortable relationship with his last QB. Remember, Benjamin trashed his former QB, Cam Newton, calling out his knowledge of the game and saying “he was a bad fit from the get-go.”

Benjamin, a former 1,000-yard receiver, has been mediocre for the Bills in 2018. In five games, he’s caught just eight balls on 26 targets for a total of 103 yards with one touchdown. He’s not exactly in a position to be a diva on the football field.

Benjamin didn’t exactly make matters better later, as Cotrell reports Benjamin stayed on the field as other Bills wide receivers ran routes for Allen.

This behavior is how you get cut. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bills moved on from Benjamin sooner than later. He’s too talented and simultaneously unproductive to behave like this. Plus, he could use the practice.

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