Like J.R. Smith before him, Lonzo Ball was forced to cover up a tattoo featuring a brand.

Since the NBA doesn’t allow tattoos featuring “commercial logos or corporate insignia,” the Lakers point guard was forced to bandage up his Big Baller Brand tattoo when Los Angeles played the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night.

I’m genuinely surprised Ball had the tattoo in the first place, as the Big Baller Brand is pretty much a laughing stock in most NBA circles. But, that’s Lonzo’s loyalty to his dad, LaVar Ball. He wants to promote his family’s business venture and thought it was a good idea to get the BBB tattooed on his arm.

It’s clear the NBA isn’t down with tattoos that can be seen as advertising. Since that’s the case, Ball was forced to cover up. It’s probably best for both parties as everything associated with the Big Baller Brand has been all talk and no fizzle. There’s a reason the company got an “F” from the Better Business Bureau. Without Lonzo and occasional celebrity (assumedly paid) endorsements, the brand would be entirely irrelevant.



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