Twitter is a lovely place, especially when fans make absurd bets in the heat of the moment. Case and point, a Braves fan name Caitlin promised to get a tattoo on her forearm of Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuna if he hit a grand slam against the Dodgers.

You’ll never believe what happened next.

Of course, the Braves noticed the tweet and shared their anticipation for the tat.

Often in these scenarios, the person who made the promise flakes and we never hear from them again. Caitlin was not one of those people.

On Thursday morning she shared a photo of her new Acuna tattoo. It looks pretty slick as it includes the outfielders signature.

The tattoo looks great and there’s a good chance Caitlin won’t regret it going forward since Acuna is a beast and future MVP-candidate.

Caitlin deserves all the props for following through with the ink. Now, all I want to see is her meet Acuna and see his reaction to the ink.


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