Jimmy Butler is back with the Timberwolves and challenging just about everybody.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com reports after demanding a trade and sitting out from the Timberwolves, the talented all-star small forward returned to practice and challenged everybody. Woj reports Butler was “vociferous” and “emotional” as he targeted coach Tom Thibodeau, forward Karl-Anthony Towns, forward Andrew Wiggins and GM Scott Layden.

On top of that, Butler told Layden “you can’t win without me” and left everybody in the building speechless.

To be a fly on the wall of the Timberwolves practices.

At least we know how one teammate reacted.

The entire franchise is a mess at the moment. Butler doesn’t want to be there and is now openly shit-talking his entire team. It’s a toxic situation the Timberwolves should resolve immediately. Butler’s a dynamic talent who unquestionably makes the team better, but is he worth all this drama? Just trade him and move on. He doesn’t want to be there and is getting more dramatic and imploding his trade value with each passing day in hopes of forcing a deal.

I love when the league is unnecessarily dramatic. In this case, the only person who wins until Butler traded are fans of entertainment. Let’s see if this latest outburst gets Butler out of Minnesota.

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