Gritty’s star is shining ever brighter thanks to Calvin Pickard.

Pickard, a goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, has caught the Gritty fever, as he’s added the new, insanely popular and polarizing mascot to his goalie mask. Honestly, it looks fantastic.

I love the job @paintzoo has done to bring Gritty to life on Pickard’s mask. He’s got his trademark “WTF” googly-eye look. Plus, he’s looking like an absolute unit. Look at those legs; Gritty hasn’t been neglecting squads if the mask is any indication.

Gritty loved the mask too!

Gritty is a unique, increasingly loveable mascot. Pickard chose an absolute legend and crowd favorite to embolize on his mask. While Pickard might be third on the Flyers goalie depth chart, with Gritty on his mask, he’s number one in our hearts.

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