Noah Syndergaard is known for his Thor-like hair, as his long blonde hair has become one of his most-know features. Shockingly, Syndergaard has shaved part of his head, but for a good reason.

The New York Mets star pitcher tweeted a picture of him getting his head shaved with the caption “Cut your hair they say… worked for Jake [they say…’ll pitch better they say…….lots of sheep in Ireland 🐑.”

Syndergaard is referring to teammate Jacob DeGrom, who cut his hair before the season started and had a Cy Young caliber year.

So, why the cut for Syndergaard? The 26-year-old has booked a role on the HISTORY drama Vikings. He’ll play a “badass” appropriately named “Thorbjorn.”

I got to say, for having that long of hair and shaving the sides off, Syndergaard’s new mop is on point.

Who knows? Maybe, he’ll have a similar uptick in production as DeGrom with a significant amount of his hair chopped off. Regardless, I’m glad Thor, sorry Thorbjorn, kept his long locks while cutting down some of its thickness. I like it.


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