The Buffalo Bills shocked the NFL when they demolished the Minnesota Vikings 27-6 in Minnesota on Sunday. The game appeared to be a lock for Minny. So much so, the team was 16.5-point favorites. Unfortunately, a bettor got cocky with the line and lost big time.

ESPN‘s David Payne Purdum reports a gambler placed an absurd $9,000 straight-up on -2,000 odds. For betting that amount, he would have won just $450. Instead, he lost the bet and $9,000 to boot.

It’s understandable the bettor thought the Vikings were a lock – nobody could see Josh Allen being THAT good. But, being so sure of a win that you’re willing to risk 20x a potential payout is just pure insanity. The Vikings were missing Defensive end Everson Griffin for the game, and came out very flat to start while spotting Buffalo a huge early 17-0 lead, but still, they should not have lost that game to one of the worst teams in the league!  However, that just goes to show the crazy nature of the NFL from week to week, and you never truly know what is going to happen with ANY teams in the NFL on a daily basis. During week 3, four potential Super Bowl favorite teams all lost, which was mind-blowing in and of itself. If anyone would have bet that the Vikings, New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Green Bay Packers were all going to lose in the SAME week to inferior teams, they would have won a lot of money since those odds are pretty astronomical!  Three of those four teams played in the championship games for their conferences last season, to see who would make the Super Bowl, for crying out loud! If you want to know how to watch live football for the upcoming weeks of the season to see which teams advance, make sure to check out that VPN stream link!

Honestly, the dude deserved to lose with such a crazy bet. If you’re able to wager that much money for such a small return, you shouldn’t expect to see any reward on your bet. Why people make wagers like this is beyond me. Hopefully, this dude learned his lesson. It’s not unlike the last time when this happened, which we all know how THAT turned out.  What is wrong with these people?!?


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