NBA Twitter went nuts on Wednesday upon reports out of Minnesota that All-Star Jimmy Butler wanted out. One person particularly excited by the news? Timberwolves star Andrew Wiggins’ brother, Nick.

After the reports surfaced, Wiggins’ brother tweeted and deleted a response, simply saying “Hallelujah” with a smiley face and raised hands emoji.

It’s an interesting tweet since Butler and Wiggins reportedly never got along all that well in Minnesota. Plus, it’s as close to a reaction from Wiggins as we’ll ever get. I’d imagine Nick is privy to Andrew’s relationship with Butler and is thrilled to see him go. But, Nick never should have tweeted the response to begin with There’s no need to make things more public at this point. Let a trade happen and move on. Or, let Wiggins himself do the talking. Responses like this one help nobody, except those who live for NBA saltiness.

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