The 2020 United States Presidential Election is going to undoubtedly be crowded with potential candidates with one more name possibly joining the mix: Oscar De La Hoya.

The former boxing legend and Olympic Gold Medalist was interview by TMZ, where he threw his name out there for a possible Presidential bid.

“Let me tell you one thing, I am actually [considering it],” De La Hoya said in a serious tone. “I’m actually very, very serious. And I strongly feel that if a Kanye West can do it, and… tease the world that he would maybe one day want to run for president, why not me?”

De La Hoya seems like a pretty smart dude, but bringing up Kanye West’s potential candidacy to add legitimacy to your own potential run is frankly, hilarious.

If De La Hoya is serious about running, he needs to start campaigning as soon as possible. Although, in a current political climate that’s been completely messed up by inexperience and ego, I don’t think a former boxer with zero political experience is the best candidate to lead change going forward. But, I’ll happily be proven wrong.


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