The United States Men’s National Team has needed a rallying cry since they missed the most recent World Cup. It appears center back Matt Miazga has given the United States some of the swagger they were looking for.

During a mostly boring match that had little to no flair to it, the United States and Mexico seemed destined to play to a nil-nil tie.

After a yank of the shirt by Mexican winger Diego Lainez on Matt Miazga, it changed the complexion of the game. Miazga immediately pointed out their ten-inch height difference and let him know that he shouldn’t try going face to face with him.

Shortly after the incident, the United States drew a red card after a hard foul on American Wil Trapp. After that, with Mexico playing with ten men, the United States pounced with a goal from Tyler Adams. Miazga’s trolling really made a difference and seemed to spark the United States.

Enter smack talk in an ages old rivalry and it will help your team win. Who knew?

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