Move over Kevin Durant, there’s a new athlete with an alleged burner account.

On Tuesday evening, free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant was tweeting about how his teammates respected him more than his former coaches in Dallas. Curiously, Bryant followed up the tweet agree with his own tweet, writing “I can see that.”

Bryant didn’t make things better after people accused him of using a burning account, as the former Cowboys wideout tweeted and deleted a response admitting “you can actually retweet your own account dummies.”

So, it appears Bryant meant to log into another account and accidentally tweeted from his main account. Whoops.

All-in-all, it’s pretty harmless stuff from Bryant. He’s one of the better follows on Twitter so I’ll cut him some slack. However, if he does have extra accounts, the dude needs to purge and delete all of them, now – otherwise, lurkers will dig up tweets from burner accounts that may be worse than the one above.

Rule 1: never tweet.


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