Peyton Manning is a Hall-of-Fame quarterback and a Super Bowl winner; he also may have a future in politics. At least according to U.S. Congressman John Duncan he would have a legitimate shot at winning a seat somewhere in the United States. He especially thinks that he would clean up in Tennesee where Manning played college football.

“If Peyton Manning ran for any office in Tennessee, he could win by a landslide,” said Duncan.

Duncan isn’t entirely sure though it is a move that Manning would fully embrace given he made so much money as a football player.

“I think he’s made so much money off his football career and his advertising and so forth that it’d be a step down for him to be elected to some office,” according to Duncan.

Given how politics continue to be handled in this country, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Manning as a leading voice. Do we deserve it? Probably, yeah. It will be nice when the world finally feels a tiny bit more normal. Let’s just let our politicians be politicians, right?

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