New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a large personality. He is gregarious and eccentric in the same way a fraternity member is, and a lot of people love him for it.

It rubs a few the wrong way yet he continues to perform. The Patriots nonetheless explored options to see whether a trade was a possibility for the star tight end.


During the offseason, while he stayed away from the team and mulled retirement, the Patriots engaged in trade talks centered around star tight end Rob Gronkowski. They had several interested parties, and at one point, it appeared a deal would get done to send Gronk to a new team, sources say.

But when Gronkowski learned of his new reality, he strongly resisted. He informed the Patriots that he would rather step away from football and retire than play for another team, coach or quarterback. He told people close to him that he only wants to catch passes from Tom Brady.

After a Super Bowl loss, you can understand the anger from players and the front office. The possibility of looking at different options is going to be on the table. Gronkowksi made it known though that New England is where he wants to stay. Even if it means retirement for Gronk.

Now that is commitment. You can’t blame Gronkowski since he is part of one of the best dynasties in sports ever. Who wouldn’t do the same?


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