A stray dog has captured the hearts of a South American soccer team.

The Evening Standard reports a stray, named Tesapara, has become the unofficial assistant manager to Paraguayan club Sporting Club 2 de Mayo manager Carlos Jara Saguier after the dog simply refused to leave him.

So how did the bond start? Over a piece of pie.

“I gave him a piece of empanada [pie] and from that day, every time I came to work, he greeted me and does not let go of me,” Saguier told Cronica.

Is he a good boy? You bet he is.

Tesapara is the guardian of the club, he lives there, when the gates close he is fierce but by day he is friendly… very accessible.”

Tesapara reportedly follows the manager wherever he goes.

If your heart wasn’t melted enough, here’s what Jara Saguier said about how important Tesapara is to him.

“He is my partner in this adventure with this club.”

If that doesn’t warm up your cold heart, I don’t know what will. Tesapara deserves all the treats in the world.

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