Pat McAfee’s career surprisingly came to an end in 2017, when the former Indianapolis Colts kicker walked away from nearly $3 million in salary to join Barstool Sports. McAfee left Barstool earlier last week due to “being disrespected by the business people.” So why did he leave the Colts? It all started with an Instagram post.

On his podcast, McAfee outlined how a meeting with then-Colts general manager Ryan Grigson over an Instagram post made him realize he was done.

“He has the picture on a piece of paper, slams it on the desk, pushes it across the desk to me and I look at it,” McAfee said of Grigson. “At this moment in my head, I’ve already said ‘(expletive) it’ to this guy. I look at the photo and look up at him. It’s like a moment of silence.”

Here’s the photo.

What’s the issue? Well, Grigson was pissed he took a picture in Colts facilities. According to McAfee, Grigson threatened to fine him for almost $100,000 for the picture, called him a “smartass,” and told him “I can fine you anything I want. This is why we’re losing.”

McAfee clearly wasn’t having any of Grigson’s threats. He chewed out the GM and left. You can read more about the incident here.

Grigson, who’s now a Senior Football Consultant with the Seattle Seahawks made plenty of questionable decisions. Among them, blaming McAfee for his team’s struggles. While I wouldn’t walk away from millions of dollars, McAfee clearly was fed up – sort of like what’s happened at Barstool. You’ve got to respect him for not taking any crap.


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