Referees have been on the end of some brutal accidental hits in recent years, but in Oklahoma’s Saturday matchup against Florida Atlantic University, a wide receiver got the worst of a punishing, accidental hit.

On a slant route, Sooners wide receiver A.D. Miller caught a ball, put his head down and got demolished by a ref who just so happened to be in the way. Bonus points to¬† Miller’s teammates for laughing at him as it happened.

Thankfully for Miller, he was OK. He would continue the drive and catch a touchdown putting up Oklahoma 56-0. The Sooners would handily beat FAU 63-14 in their first game of the year.

Miller will get some grief from teammates for the hit, but he has nothing to be ashamed of. The ref delivered a quality hit. Getting trucked and getting back up to score a touchdown is a commendable, football guy move. Next time, though, Miller may want to look where he’s going after he catches the ball.

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